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1965 AC Cobra IRS EFI

This car sold ... but order a new one @ $65,000

Fantastic period-correct Ivy Green replica of the iconic 1965 AC Cobra 427 which served as the reference car for the authoritative Mk4Build Manual. As such, it is extremely well documented vehicle: practically every rivet and bolt has been photographed.

Always dreamed about the famous AC Cobra? This is a unique opportunity to own one. A show car, a street car, and a track car.

Electronic fuel injection design blends in with iconic look and powers the Ford Racing Boss 302 engine. View large photo.

1957 Porsche 356 electric

This car sold ... but order a new one @ $65,000

An amazing lithium battery AC motor conversion with top speed over 100 mph and exceptional 140 mile range.

Recharges on standard household 3-prong 15amp plug. Regenerative braking replenishes battery pack and creates a power brake feel for quick stops.

Standard Porsche transmission. Includes tonneau cover and retractable soft top (with two detachable windows).

Superb handling due to 50/50 weight balance and low center of gravity with fiberglass body. All new parts, perfect condition.


AC Cobra

Ford Racing engine, 340 hp @ 5500 rpm
independent front and rear suspension
all-leather interior, fiberglass body
curb weight 2460 lbs, 47/53 balance
t5 5-speed manual transmission
Mass-flo electronic fuel injection
All digital instrumentation
dual roll bars, 5-point seat belts
fuel capacity 15 gal, 300 mile range
100% brand new parts
tonneau cover, AC tool kit

Porsche 356

battery pack: 36 cells, 23kwH capacity
motor: AC50, 57kW peak power
125+ mpg equivalent, 100 mph top speed
heavy duty racing transmission, 4 speed
leather interior, fiberglass body
curb weight 2009 lbs, 50/50 balance
full recharge time 8 hrs
special digital instrumentation
charge port standard 3-prong plug
100% brand new parts