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VIN history


I was looking at a Sonett. I have the VIN but it is not in the registry.

I went to a VIN look up site and they require 17 characters, Sonett VINs are 11 from what I read and what I was given. Any ideas on why the disconnect?


VINs with 17 characters are post-1980 vehicles when the modern vehicle identification system was established. Obviously all the Sonetts were made before 1980 and thus only have manufacturer-defined number sequences.  If it's not in the SaabSonett Registry then it has never been entered previously. When you do a VIN search on this site and the VIN isn't in the database, you'll a notice that it's a legit VIN but not registered OR you'll get a notice that you have an invalid VIN.

Doing a Sonett VIN search on any site other than this one is a waste of time.



Super Sport I: 2 digits from 01 to 06
Sonett II: 3 digits from 001 to 258
Sonett V4: 4 digits from 0259 to 1868
1970-71 Sonett III: 8 digits beginning 7050 …
1972-74 Sonett III: 11 digits beginning 977250 …

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On older Sonetts, use the last right-hand digits. For example, only use the last four digits for a Sonett V4.