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I have a sonett II vin 032 that is complete but needs a full restoration. There is some rust in the pan but not extreme. If I wanted to sell it what would be a fair price?

Thanks Steve


The INSURANCE CALCULATOR on this site (pretty accurate in my experience) suggests a maximum value of $10,500 if your Sonett II is in fair condition. Your condition may be worse.  I'd recommend

You might get $4-6k for it in a project car BAT auction. Very few Sonett IIs up for sale these days, and most of these are in reasonably good condition like this one about two years ago. Haven't seen a Sonett II project car in quite a while.


I would say that is hard to tell. When it needs full restoration done by a specialist, that will be expensive.

It is important that it is a complete car, because parts are scarce.

So I think a complete restorable car, can be between $5000 and $10000.

A good restored one will go over $30000 probably, but its not a big market of buyers.

Good luck selling, Bert