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68 V4 Engine Upgrade



Does anyone know if it is possible to fit the double barrel manifold and Weber 32/36 DGV carb under the hood of this model? The space under the hood is very limited and probably much less than the mkIII.





Yes, and no. The motor mounts have to be the low height version. The 'standard' 95/96 front mounts don't drop the engine low enough in the 97 body.

Dropping the front of the engine with these mounts, and leaving the transmission's firewall mount at original height puts the engine nearly level, and that will tip the carb's fuel bowl low. Be aware of that change in fuel level relative to the jets.

The air filter must be very low height. I have a KandN, about 3/4 inch height, with the low motor mounts, and I've machined the intake's carb mount down to put the carb level and I STILL have contact.

You might consider filling the hood hinge holes and re-locating new holes abut 1/2 inch higher to raise the hood. That amount might not be noticed at the hood to door gap but could be all the difference needed.


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The intake modification at the carb gasket also keeps my Holley (Weber built under license) 32/36 fuel filter clear of the thermostat housing.

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