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New owner/member - Hello and ...


Sorry to see this site so inactive...

Hello I now have a 1973 Sonett 3

and a similar parts car!

!The one is running well and needing some care but seems alright. My first and I have qs/needs!

Would like mudflaps - even if just saying Saab and needing modification.

Mine came with what would normally be like a trailers red rear round light in the grill space.  Looked kewl but rather dumb otherwise.  Any suggestions on what lamps to use in replacement,  (Still have the correct light holder/shell).

The linkage is - shall we say - awkward.  Wondering if that is in part to someone having removed the tunnel (and center tray) so the constant wear of the carpet made it yucky.  The flat floor look is great though.  I have good replacement in my parts unit.....any suggestion on what options of the look for in tightening/shortening shift?

Need a rear window/hatch LATCH assembly...even a good picture.  And of course any suggestions.

Thank you all....


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Welcome to!

Regarding rear window, is this what you are referring to?  If you haven't already, check out the Sonett III restoration photo gallery:

Mudguards and rear glass seals/opening exploded part drawings may be useful as well:

Sonett mods - - provides LED conversion info for your lights.



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Thank you so much for the links and response...some of which I have already seen.  And the inclusion of an actual manual in it all helps a lot too.

As to rear window (picture here) - it is only the Latch (locking or not) that I need.  The hydraulic lifts are standard, the glass is good (albeit probably hard to find, but with such limited angles maybe easily replicated.) I am putting a slit piece of soft hose on the sides of the glass, to prevent damage).

Things I would find helpful:

  1. Video of basic how to - O-L-F change procedure.
  2. Same How To for the Clutch/Brake masters and slaves - which there does seem to be many variations of the style.
  3. A good video of removing body panels for access....or tricks to make access generally would be great.


And things I am still looking for info on:

Discussions on shift linkage I am fairly sure my problem is with it (perhaps even increased by it being run for a while without the tunnel cover, so the carpet was adding friction) on my still working transmission. Inconsistent in where the pattern is, with some gears not able to engage properly - until one tries a different "pattern" route and it clicks in well.  (I saw there is an adjustment for 2nd/reverse) and some mentioned even moving the entire assembly forward).

A listing page (or suggestion) of known Saab repair places by state.  I would like one in (central/south) New Jersey should anyone have one (and especially for the older models like a Sonnet).  A similar page for active Saab clubs/groups (I have found the more common British car clubs are happy to welcome a cousin, but with little if any real support for the Saab).

And again -I will look at all the suggestions provided here - THANK YOU FOR THEM.



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