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Where to buy Clutch master cylinder and brake master cylinder


I'm in the US and looking to buy both master cylinders or appropriate replacements. Also looking for any information on HOW to remove both looks tight to say the least.  71 saab sonett 3


Mark Ashcraft has clutch MC rebuild kit and new replacements. He also has brake MC rebuilt kits.      email:      541-779-0731

Very tight quarters! My Sonett is a 1968, so bonnet hinges up for better access.

A Previous Owner hacked a hole in the pan below the brake MC for access. Leave the 4 brake lines attached to

the connecting "block", disconnect this block with 4 lines from the MC.

Tom Donney Motors also may have parts.


Hello again Mark,

I may have to make a similar adjustment to the pan otherwise it looks like torture. I don't think either part is going to be able to be resuscitated through a rebuild kit. Both are corroded beyond recognition. Thanks for the link I'll check it out for sure!


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Just a tip if you dont find a new MC.

Mine was also corroded and I tried to find a new one, without sucees.

Tried with diesel, ultrasonic and wd40, nothing helped.

Then I got an idea, put in the freezer -25c for a couple of hours and took it out and heated it with

a propan heater, just warming it a bit. A bit careful hammering with rubber hammer.

Had to do freezer and heating 4 or 5 times, took about a 3 or 4 days until I got the piston out of the cylinder.

Same procedure with the slavecylinder.

Works like a charm now!

Good luck



I will have a few cores left from rebuilding one. I am having White Post sleeve the cylinder and piston in brass, all new seals, and plating the parts so it looks and works brand new.

Let me know if you would like one of my cores with a set of the plated parts to send to White Post to rebuild.