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Post Title Category Published On Last Updated
Audio upgrade 08/05/201803/21/2019
1972 XJ6 acquisition 03/29/201703/02/2019
XJ6 modified specifications 12/03/201802/24/2019
Intelligent wiring 11/13/201812/11/2018
Rain/air extractor system 04/26/201812/03/2018
Power windows & locks 08/11/201812/03/2018
Wheels 11/03/201811/14/2018
LED bulbs and sockets 08/12/201810/23/2018
Steering column & wheel 08/17/201808/21/2018
Exterior lighting 06/03/201708/13/2018
Dash evolution 07/29/201808/11/2018
Fresh air vents 08/04/201808/10/2018
Interior lighting 08/09/201808/10/2018
Engine bay 07/01/201807/23/2018
Dash refinements 02/27/201807/23/2018
Engine cooling system 06/25/201807/01/2018
LS3 harness connections 06/23/201806/30/2018
Air conditioning hose connections 05/23/201806/01/2018
EFI fuel system 05/21/201704/20/2018
Exhaust manifold options 04/05/201804/19/2018
Front springs 05/28/201704/17/2018
Engine mounts 04/13/201804/15/2018
Brake line layout 03/04/201803/29/2018
Saloon restomods 03/10/201703/07/2018
Front drive accessory system 10/11/201701/06/2018
Differential 06/14/201712/11/2017
Rear inboard brakes 06/16/201712/03/2017
Steering rack 06/01/201711/29/2017
Chassis paint & heat insulation 10/19/201711/29/2017
Metal repair 04/30/201711/28/2017
Climate control options 05/10/201711/14/2017
Engine & transmission selection 04/02/201711/08/2017
Front & rear suspensions 10/23/201711/04/2017
Shifter console 10/13/201710/15/2017
Dash makeover 04/09/201710/14/2017
Bare chassis 05/17/201710/07/2017
Boot badges and emblems 08/16/2018no update
Fuel flow 04/03/2018no update
Classic saloon candidates 03/12/2017no update
Accelerator pedal 08/18/2018no update
LS3 Connect & Cruise delivery 04/04/2018no update
Keyless ignition 07/27/2018no update
Exhaust system 10/06/2018no update
Battery cutoff switch 04/19/2018no update
Can’t do CAN Bus 11/14/2018no update
Fuel lines and fittings 04/20/2018no update
Padded dash top 08/10/2018no update
Hood release mod 11/28/2017no update
XJ6 reference vehicle 03/01/2019no update
Emissions 05/14/2018no update