The Porsche 356 reflects the mechanical age of the 1950s. Analog measurements are displayed in classic dashboard instrumentation. The lithium 356 re-purposes these gauges to retain the period-correct appearance with new electric operating information.

Each gauge presents its own challenges. For example, electric pulses which drive the tachometer must be generated by a magnetic sensor that is triggered by small magnets on the flywheel.

  Magnetic sensor converts motor RPMs

A custom Hall Effect sensor is installed to provide accurate “fuel level” information. In this case, of course, empty and full describe the battery pack state of charge.

The original oil temperature gauge connects to a controller heat sink temperature sensor instead.

In addition, two digital gauges that display motor and controller data are located under the dash.

  Speedster dash gauges re-purposed for EV operation (digital motor/controller gauges at lower left)