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1972 Jaguar XJ
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Extraordinary restomod, bespoke interior, Corvette LS3 engine, EFI, push button shifting, digital entertainment system, HVAC, all new components

Previous sales

1961 Jaguar Mark II — $75,000 SOLD

1965 AC Cobra (Boss 302) — $60,000 SOLD

1957 Porsche Speedster 356 Electric — $62,500 SOLD

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    How to completely restore the classic Jaguar Mk2 saloon to the highest concours level.

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    The complete online project guide for building the iconic 1965 AC Cobra like a professional.

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    Jaguar XJ Restomod illustrates the creation of the ultimate 1970s British muscle car in exquisite detail.

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    Details about the electric conversion of Porsche Speedster and Saab Sonett sports cars.

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    Back in 2008 we predicted that electric vehicles would go mainstream in 2022.

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