Kriss Motors Electric Conversions

Charge port

How do you tell the difference between ICE (internal combustion engine) and electric vehicles? Well, one sure distinction is a gas cap/filler tube versus an electric plug. Prior to conversion, the Sonett sported a classic filler tube near the passenger side rear window.

  Original 1969 Saab Sonett gas filler tube detail

  Kriss Motors AC Charge Port

  Charge Port retrofit over the original filler opening

We then retrofitted our custom Marinco plug billet aluminium plate over the hole in the fiberglass body after removing the original tube and holding rubber gasket.

The attractive result retains the Sonett's vintage character, but with a distinctly 21st century touch.

The Kriss AC Charge Port is exclusively sold by EVTV.

The Cars

Porsche 356 Speedster

The iconic Porsche Speedster proved to be an excellent EV conversion candidate due to its low weight, relatively simple design, and ample front/rear compartments for mounting pristmatic lithium battery cells. Weight distribution was improved over the original rear engine configuration with better acceleration and overall performance.

Saab Sonett

The unusual fiberglass Sonett, originally powered by a Ford V4 engine, combines a low center of gravity and front wheel drive, optimal for our high performance EV conversion. Without the need to accomodate a long drive train, the space behind the two seats was used for additional batteries. The original four-speed transmission remains intact along with the braking system.