Some specifications may apply only to Moto Guzzi California models. Also refer to federal safety requirements.

Cyclecar dimensions

The cyclecar is a small vehicle; it is about 5 feet shorter than a standard sedan (like a Toyota Camry) and over a foot narrower. All measurements in millimeters.

Length 3360
Track 1305
Width (hubcap-to-hubcap) 1465
Height* (ground to scuttle top) 895

* Height does not include windscreen

Brake rotors

Location Diameter Thickness
Front 300mm 4.1 to 3.9mm (minimum wear limit)
Rear 270mm 5.1 to 4.9mm (minimum wear limit)

Tightening torque

All values in Newton meters (Nm). To convert to Inch pounds, multiply by 8.856; for Pounds feet multiply by 0.738.

Fastener applicationTorque
M4 screws, nuts3 – 3.5
M5 screws, nuts6 – 7
M6 screws, nuts8 – 12
M8 screws, nuts25 – 30
M10 screws, nuts45 – 50
M12 screws, nuts75 – 85
Nut locking alternator (M16x1.5)75 – 80
Screws and stud bolts fixing head to crankcase40 – 42
Spark plugs25 – 30
Hollow screw fixing the oil vapor recovery pipe38 – 40
Screw fixing the rocker pins6 – 8
Self-locking nuts for screws fixing the rod bearing caps46 – 48
Flywheel to crankshaft fixing screw25 – 30
Gear to camshaft fixing nut140 – 150
Intake pipe fixing screws5 – 8
Hollow screw fixing pipes that deliver oil to the heads15 – 18
Nut for front and rear engine tie rod to chassis75 – 80
Secondary shaft locking nut55 – 60
Oil introduction cap in the gearbox25 – 30
Oil level and drainage cap in the gearbox22 – 25
Safety nut for secondary shaft70 – 80
Nut locking bearing on bevel pinion180 – 200
Screw fixing sprocket to drilled pin25 – 30
Screws fastening cradle to frame70 – 80
Nuts for screws fixing cradle to frame70 – 80
Blind nuts for swing arm support pins70 – 80
Nuts fixing gear case to the swing arm25 – 30
Nut for front and rear wheel axle140 – 150
Steering lock bushing170 – 180

Valve clearance

Applies to both left and right cylinders.

Location Clearance
Exhaust 0.006″
Intake 0.004″

Measure from top dead center (TDC) compression cycle based on flywheel “D” or “S” marks viewed through inspection hole.

Oil capacity and viscosity

Application Capacity Viscosity
Engine (sump) 3.0 liters max, about 2.5 liters to halfway mark on dipstick 10W/60 or 20W/50
Gearbox 0.75 liter 80W/90 GL5
Bevel gear (transmission) 0.25 liter 80W/90 GL4
Reversing gearbox 0.12 liter 5W/40

The main difference between GL4 and GL5 gear oils is the amount of EP additives, typically sulphur and phosphorus, that reduce high temperature micro-welds on the gear flanks. GL5 has about twice the EP additives versus GL4 and is often recommended for rear axle (differential, transmission, or bevel gear) applications.

There is considerable confusion regarding oil and filter change intervals. Back in 1993, Guzzi recommended changing oil every 3,000 miles and changing the filter every third oil change, or every 9,000 miles. More recently, Guzzi has recommended changing the oil and filter every 6,000 miles. This may be a marketing response to the mess of swapping a filter housed inside the oil pan.

The reversing gearbox is placed between the engine’s gearbox and the swing arm drive shaft.



Battery size 038 measures 245 x 135 x 200mm high with a 36 Ah capacity

Wire amp/distance carrying capacity

The following table displays distance carrying capacity in amps of various wire gauges (AWG). Distance is in feet.

AWG5 Amps10 Amps15 Amps20 Amps25 Amps30 Amps
16 11.5 5.8 3.82.9 2.3 1.9
14 18.4 9.2 6.14.6 3.7 3.1
12 29.4 14.7 9.87.4 5.9 4.9
1046.8 23.4 15.611.7 9.47.8
8 74.4 37.2 24.818.6 14.9 12.4

The Ducati alternator is rated at 350 watts — a maximum output of approximately 30 amps — so peak current load is limited to battery, starter motor, alternator, voltage regulator, and fuse panel connections. Furthermore, leads from the alternator to the voltage regulator are split, so each wire has a reduced peak load of 15 amps instead of the full 30 amps.