Throttle body


Refer also to the electronic fuel injection post. The throttle body blends fuel, air, and electric spark which is then delivered to combustion chambers in each cylinder.

Rear view of throttle body showing injector plugs, fuel connectors, butterfly, and linkage setup

The unit is a complex casting — very difficult to replace — and Moto Guzzi has never made individual replacement parts available.


Anatomy of the Guzzi injector IVV031

The heart of the throttle body is the IVV031 injector that is no longer manufactured.

The injector mounts into a housing that is bolted to the throttle body casting. A side plug goes to the electronic spark generator and the swivel fuel connectors on each side meet in a “Y” join.

The protective end covers (not shown in photo above) may interfere with the throttle linkage movement on some California models. Since the throttle body will be entirely enclosed under the Aero Moto™ hood, the plastic covers can be eliminated altogether.


Butterfly enclosure before and after cleaning

The most critical area of the throttle body in terms of maintenance is the butterfly enclosure tube. Dirt can get embedded in the cylindrical wall or wedged along the edge of the butterfly mechanism. This may degrade performance. A throttle body cleaner — typically a petroleum-based solvent — can remove years of grime and discoloration.