Register my Sonett

Chassis number (VIN) format
The Saab Sonett was produced prior to the introduction of the standardized Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN. Please use the chassis number and record it using this format:
Super Sport I: 2 digits from 01 to 06
Sonett II: 3 digits from 001 to 258
Sonett V4: 4 digits from 0259 to 1868
1970-71 Sonett III: 8 digits beginning 7050 …
1972-74 Sonett III: 11 digits beginning 977250 …

Sonett condition
If no recent sales, inspection or independent appraisal information is available, leave condition blank.
Concours: one of the best examples in the world
Excellent: minimal wear, minor flaws
Good: detectable wear, minor mechanical issues
Fair: obvious wear, significant mechanical issues
Restorable: serious defects but repairable
Parts car: beyond restoring, but parts still useable
Destroyed or unknown: no longer exists

Original Sonett paint colors

Owner identity
Owner’s email and name will not be disclosed.