Pending Registry submissions

The following Sonetts, if any, have been submitted to the Registry but not yet approved. Note that VIN information may be inaccurate.

  • 1969 (Sonett V4): VIN 1417
  • 1969 (Sonett V4): VIN 1818
  • 1968 (Sonett V4): VIN 0707
  • 1957 (Sonett I Super Sport): VIN 0707
  • 1973 (Sonett III): VIN 97735001458
  • 1971 (Sonett III): VIN 71500599
  • 1974 (Sonett III): VIN 97745001188
  • 1968 (Sonett V4): VIN 0605
  • 1974 (Sonett III): VIN 97745000116
  • 1970 (Sonett III): VIN 71500296
  • 1974 (Sonett III): VIN 97745000107
  • 1972 (Sonett III): VIN 97725000313
  • 1957 (Sonett I Super Sport): VIN 006
  • 1957 (Sonett I Super Sport): VIN 157
  • 1973 (Sonett III): VIN 97745001442
  • 1974 (Sonett III): VIN 97745001662
  • 1974 (Sonett III): VIN 97745001662
  • 1972 (Sonett III): VIN 97725001015
  • 1971 (Sonett III): VIN 71500750

If no Sonetts are listed in this column, we have cleared the back list and are up-to-date!

About the submission process

As submissions are reviewed, they are removed from this listing. The process can take a few weeks to verify as much information as possible. If you have submitted a Sonett, we thank you and ask for your patience and understanding.

Occasionally there is a delay as we collect additional information or reconcile data disparities.

When you submit a Sonett, you automatically receive a confirmation email. If you do not reply to the confirmation email, the submission process still moves forward.

Reply to the confirmation email if you 1) want to send us a photograph of the Sonett and/or 2) there are errors or omissions in the original submission.

If you have submitted a vehicle that significantly departs from information we already have in the database, we may email you second time to help resolve any data errors.

If your submission does not add any new information to an older Registry entry with the same VIN number, we will delete your submission without altering any data.