This blog covers the restomod of a classic Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 saloon manufactured between 1968 and 1973. Restomod is the term for the restoration of a classic car that incorporates modern technology invented since the car was first manufactured. This typically includes a new or modified engine and transmission, improved brake, steering, and suspension performance as well as substantial changes to cabin climate control and information/entertainment systems.

Undertaking a restomod project requires a substantial amount of research to determine which new components make sense  — both in functional and aesthetic terms — and how (or whether!) they will fit into the classic body and chassis without unintended consequences. Three basic approaches — re-engineer, transplant, or retrofit — are summarized in the review of prior saloon restomod projects.

This three year restomod project blog represents an evolution from Jaguar Mk2 Restoration, another Kriss Motors ( project blog, that documents the partial restomod of a 1961 2.4 Mk2 in the sense that several systems were upgraded with new technology, including the brakes, heater, and nav/entertainment system (it was just an AM radio in the old days). But this prior Mk2 restoration also retained the original engine, steering, suspension, and full trim appearance.

Our 1972 Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 candidate for restomod treatment

Jaguar restomod approaches range from the elaborate Callum Mk2 re-creation (about $600,000) to inexpensive engines swaps that keep a classic on the road. Our objective is somewhere in middle ground: a frame-up rebuild that provides the essential functionality of a modern sedan (350+ horsepower, power steering and braking, air conditioning, uprated suspension, and so on) yet retains the classic Jaguar saloon appearance.

After reflecting on all the possible Jaguar saloon candidates for restomod treatment, we elected to acquire a 1972 XJ6 Series 1 for this project.

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