Site access FAQ

Common site access issues

I forgot my password.

If you can’t log in, reset your password here.

How do I change my password?

If you are logged in already, go to EDIT YOUR PROFILE to reset your password.

I forgot my username.

Try logging in with your email address. If that doesn’t work, please contact Kriss Motors support.

How do I update my email address?

Log in and go to EDIT YOUR PROFILE.

My username and password are correct, but I still can’t log in.

This may be due to a cookies conflict (cookies are small files that identify users). Try this:

  • delete all cookies from your browser
  • close your browser and then open it again
  • go to and trying logging in
  • Contact support

    If you are still having trouble logging in, or have another question, please contact Kriss Motors support.