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Engine and performance upgradessto


OK, 65 HP in an 1800 pound car isn't terrible but 80 or 100Hp is better, right?

On my 1972 which I owned from 1978 thru like 1998 I had a Weber 2 barrel and a Jack Lawrence exhaust added, brought it to 80 to 85 HP I estimate. What have you done to you Sonett?  What should I do to my 73 restoration?


You could always go electric:

Electric Sonett (1969 modified V4)

1. Wiper motor (original)
2. Brake fluid remote reservoir (original)
3. 24v relay
4. Terminal bar for battery pack positive end
5. Driver side front battery pack (9 cells)
6. AC 50 electric motor
7. Passenger side battery pack (9 cells)
8. Motor controller
9. Windshield washer remote reservoir (aftermarket replacement)

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