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Brake Lights


Hello Sonett Guys,

I am having a problem with brake lights. The plunger inside the cabin is "sticky", it will not come out all the way. If I push it in & out by hand, the brake lights work the next time I depress the brake pedal. Then the next day the lights do not work. I do not understand how the plunger in the cabin activates the pressure switch on the master cylinder in the engine compartment. When I removed the master for rebuilding I do not remember touching this plunger. Can someone explain how this works, can this plunger be removed and repaired, and can this plunger be removed and replaced with an electrical plunger switch?

Thanks, Mark

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That plunger triggers a warning light to tell you that the brake pedal travel is too far.


Hello Chouan,

Thanks for your reply. The plunger just activates a warning light, has nothing to do with actual braking.

It is odd that this plunger circuit is not included in the wiring diagram.

My brake lights not working ended up being a loss of contact in the contact block, under the steering column,

with all red wires.

Thanks, Mark