The front seat has four basic components: the bottom cushion, the seat frame including the sliding mount, a back finishing surround, and headrest.

Front seat cushion diaphragm

Front frame foams and rubber mesh

The bottom cushion utilizes a rubber diaphragm to provide a comfortable ride that is attached to the metal frame with embedded hooks. With a new foam pad and sewn leather cover, restoration becomes relatively easy.

The seat frame is more complicated. Foam sections create the basic contours of the seat back, and a rubber mesh holds things in from the rear.

New foams must be carefully positioned to get the cover to fit properly.

The original upholstery had a plastic moisture barrier between the foam and underside of the seat cover. This was eliminated since the need for such protection is questionable and the plastic tends to make a crinkly sound when one sits on it.

Original soft inset front seat surround

The front seat surround that hides the back of the metal infrastructure features a hardboard frame with a soft fabric center inset. This inset tends to get kicked in by passengers in the rear seat, and is easily soiled or stretched.

We decided to strengthen the inset with a rigid foam board as well as change the inset fabric from the relatively delicate tan vinyl/wool cloth to a more robust and forgiving black carpet (the underdash panels, upper half of the B/C post, A post, and dash top are all black vinyl).

Rigid foam board inset on surround

Modified front seat surround with black carpet

New foam and old headrest

The headrest uses a simple chromed glide to move up and down (there is no locking mechanism).

The glide is attached to a rectangular metal mount that fits into a slot in the headrest foam cushion.

Over time the foam cushion degrades and the cover becomes deformed. Restoration is straightforward; a new foam pad insert and leather cover returns the headrest to its 1970s factory-fresh appearance.

Refreshed headrest with new foam pad

When all four components are assembled, the front seat restoration is complete.

Front seat restoration