The XJ6 trunk area is well proportioned with a lowered deck and back storage shelf. A spare tire is stored under the floor. Side rails limit the usefulness of the space somewhat, and the tool kit hangs off a side wall hook, clumsily leaning against the left side rail. Nothing distinguished, but certainly functional.

Original condition boot with hanging tool kit on the left

Our restomod boot interior has been significantly modified to fit the aluminum fuel tank in the old spare tire hold. In addition, the boot shelf now holds the battery, audio subwoofer, fuses, fuel pressure regulator, and the Infinity Box rear Powercell. As a result, the boot now requires a rear back wall to close off the shelf area and a raised floor to cover the fuel tank, lines, and filters.

Black interior with raised floor and rear wall

The original tool kit has been upgraded with a new canvas tool roll but the hook attachment remains the same. For safety, a fire extinguisher conveniently mounts on the rear wall. The boot light, underpowered and inadequately located in the trunk lid, has been relocated to the rear wall. The new boot light is an LED for much better illumination, and it can be turned off if the trunk will be open for an extended period.

Tool kit, fire extinguished, and LED boot light

The final boot layout includes (left to right):

  1. tool roll
  2. fire extinguisher
  3. car cover (bag in front of rear wall-mounted LED light)
  4. vehicle registration affixed to fuel hose box cover with small removable magnets (without a passenger cubby, this is a practical location)
  5. wall holder for Owner Handbook (black straps attached to side panels)

Finished boot layout with side panel mount for Owner Handbook