Every 5000 miles

  • inspect undercarriage for loose fittings, damage
  • check for oil, gas, hydraulic, coolant leaks
  • check brake reservoir level
  • Brake fluid reservoir

  • check windshield washer reservoir level
  • check power steering reservoir level
  • Washer and power steering reservoir (with Holley cap)

  • check coolant reservoir level
  • Fill coolant to just below mark on sight tube

  • check engine oil level
  • check transmission fluid level
  • Transmission tube (top left dip stick lock), yellow oil dip stick, oil fill (Dexos cap), and coolant fill (Radium cap)

  • check differential (final drive) oil level
  • Differential oil drain (fill above, not shown)

  • check drive belt condition, replace if necessary
  • check front and rear suspension bolts
  • check tire pressure
  • check wheel alignment
  • check lights and electronic systems
  • check door, bonnet, trunk, window controls
  • check engine mounts
  • check brake pedal travel, inspect brake pads, replace if necessary
  • check handbrake operation and linkage
  • check headlight alignment
  • check wiper blade condition, replace if necessary
  • change engine oil and filter
  • Oil pan drain and oil filter

  • lubricate locks, hinges, wiper spindles
  • lubricate grease nipples on rear half shafts (1 inner and 2 outer each side)
  • Inner shaft nipple

    Outer shaft nipple

Every 15000 miles

  • change final drive limited slip oil
  • flush and change brake fluid
  • replace air filter
  • lubricate front wheel bearing hub nipples
  • lubricate rear wheel bearing grease caps
  • Rear wheel outer bearing cap

    Rear wheel inner bearing cap

At 60000 miles

  • flush cooling system, replace coolant
  • change power steering fluid