Our three custom dash facia boards, necessary to fit the new digital instrumentation and A/C vents, require corresponding custom under dash panels.

On the driver side, the panels are split into two by the steering column; the passenger side has a single panel. The under dash panels also join small side panels that extend from the center console.

Driver side

Three panels of driver side under dash

Driver side under dash

The final install will use black screw heads and the under dash will be almost completely hidden.

Driver dash at normal eye level

The panel is constructed with thin sheet metal joined to a modified part of the original panel that covered the steering column.

Construction of under dash panel

Once the final fit is matched to the facia boards, the panel is covered with foam and then black vinyl.

Under dash foam covering

The driver side panel is attached to the center console. Note the switches for air purification and NEX entertainment unit setup.

Driver side panel attached to center console with additional rocker switches

Side and center console held with custom U-channel

Jaguar used a few screws to attached the side panels, both on the driver and passenger side, and these tended to fail leaving the side panel flapping or drooping over time.

Our solution was to use U-channel (surplus from the electric window mechanism) to fabricate a much more robust fastening system. Now the side panels are just as sturdy as the center console itself.

Passenger side

The passenger side construction is similar to the driver side except that the single panel is all made from sheet metal; a portion of the extreme right side of the original metal under dash was reused.

Passenger under dash

The passenger side panel is attached to the end of the center console.

Passenger side panel attached to center console



The following conceptualizations illustrate the graceful lines of the facia boards (white facia is PVC board) highlighted by the under dash and side panels.

Dash contour lines

The burl walnut finish on the PVC facia shows the contour design underscored by the black under dash and side panels.

Burl walnut finish concept with black side panels underscores the dash contour

The passenger foot box has a protective box with a circular vent that houses the main engine ECU.

Passenger side contour with Jaguar lettering on facia

Completed interior driver side view