AC Delco 22706224 accelerator position sensor pedal

Our XJ6 restomod is a true electronic drive-by-wire vehicle so there is no mechanical connection between the engine and the accelerator pedal.

Instead, the LS3 crate engine package comes with AC Delco’s 22706224 accelerator position sensor that plugs directly into the LS3 engine harness. Unlike the vintage XJ6 gas pedal which is affixed to the foot box floor, the position sensor is designed to hang off of the back vertical wall.

Mounting the unit securely requires some modification of its L-shaped bracket as well as adjusting the location so that the position sensor body doesn’t conflict with the IDIDIT steering column.

GMPP provides minimal installation instructions with a terse “mounting details are application-specific and left to the user” and this diagram for pedal spacing:

The driver’s foot presses on the pedal at roughly a 30° angle which is why GMPP shows an orientation of the pedal pointing NNE. This is impossible to achieve in the XJ6 given the entry position of the steering column and the handbrake assembly that hugs the right side transmission tunnel on the driver’s side.

The best we can do is provide plenty of room away from the transmission tunnel for an angled foot to press down comfortably on the accelerator and avoid the brake pedal.

Yellow dotted outline shows approximate foot position on accelerator

The slightly odd angles won’t be noticed with black carpeting and this positioning is actually quite comfortable from a driver’s point of view.

Brake and accelerator pedal appearance

One advantage of a back wall mount for the accelerator pedal as opposed to the vintage Jaguar floor mount is that debris and moisture won’t collect around a floor bracket; corrosion in this area is a typical problem. In addition, we won’t need an awkward carpet heel pad cut-out for the floor mount. Instead, the heel pad can have a more satisfying complete rectangular shape.

Accelerator pedal in finished interior