Taking vehicle glass out is quite easy — just cut the seal with a box cutter — and lift up. Putting back the front windscreen and the rear backlight requires a lot more expertise and skill.

After cleaning the glass and chrome strips, a new seal is placed around the frame (after cleaning and polishing the surface).

New front seal set into frame

Working the corner on new seal

Getting the seal to sit correctly takes a lot of pushing and pulling using small hand tools.

Pulling the corner on the new seal

Working out a kink on the A post

Next the glass is carefully placed over the new frame seal and then wedged into the correct rubber groove. A small plastic tool is used to push and bend the seal until the glass is securely held in place.

Glass is held against the frame with suction cups

Plastic tool wedges seal around the glass

A locking strip is pressed into a seal groove with a special tool, pushing the rubber up against the glass for a firm hold.

Locking strip installed with special tool

Finally, the chrome finisher is pressed into the seal, covering the locking strip.

Fitting the chrome finisher

Newly installed front windscreen