The following table lists the present specifications of our 1972 XJ6 restomod (pending information indicated by 💡 symbol).

Manufacturer General Motors (Chevrolet)
Model – configuration Gen IV LS3 (similar to 2010 Corvette) – V8
Displacement 6162cc (6.2L)
Bore x Stroke 4.06 x 3.62"
Block and cylinder head cast aluminum with cast-in-place iron bore liners
Valvetrain valve-in-head; two valves per cylinder; roller lifters
Starter Powermaster PowerMAX 9201
Ignition system distributorless ignition solid state direct-fire
Fuel delivery returnless – multiport fuel injection
Air intake over-the-radiator cold air (OTRCAI) XAIR
Engine mounts custom fabrication pedestal
Oil pan Holley 302-1
Compression ratio 10.7:1
Horsepower 426hp @ 5900 rpm
Torque 420lb-ft @ 4600 rpm
Maximum engine speed 6600 rpm
Emission control modified – PVC fresh air only
Engine start interlock Infinitybox "Press Brake to Start"
Configuration modified Corvette style with expansion tank
Radiator custom crossflow aluminum
Coolant pressure 1.1 bar cap (16 psi)
Fan dual electric 3000 CFM
Expansion tank Radium 20-0270-00
Overflow tank Griffin KM-101
Transmission radiator integrated cooler
Manufacturer Holley 20-185 integrated system
Alternator Holley 197-302 150 amp
A/C refrigerant pump Sanden SD7 (compact)
Power steering pump Holley 198-101 with cast iron reservoir
Belt configuration serpentine with tensioners
Manufacturer (model) Bell (JR026) from transmission pan to rear
Tail pipe style chrome curved
Downpipes custom fit on right and left sides
Exhaust manifold GM 2016 (2005 Corvette) reverse installation
Manifold flange custom welded extension
Transmission type 4-speed electronic automatic
Transmission manufacturer General Motors
Transmission model 4L65E
Torque converter 19299802 – 2400-2800 stall
Differential type posi-traction (Powr-Lok)
Rear axle ratio 3.54
First gear ratio 3.06
Second gear ratio 1.63
Third gear ratio 1.00
Fourth gear ratio 0.70
Shifter type electronic push button
Shifter manufacturer (model) Powertrain Control Systems (GSM)
Sport mode A/B rocker switch on center console
Park shift interlock PCS "Press Brake to Shift"
Type four-wheel disc brakes with vacuum servo booster
Servo type Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 type
Rotors EBC non-vented front and rear
Brake pads EBC Green Stuff front and rear
Brake lines Federal Hill Cunifer custom
Brake fluid DOT 4
Steering column IDIDIT with integrated controls
Steering type rack and pinion XJ6 Series 3 short tower version
Steering turns 3.25 lock-to-lock
Steering wheel Mota-Lita Eagle 4 wood rim 14" – horn boss
Front suspension type independent coil springs
Front springs King KJFL-05 uprated for Chevy engine
Front spring rate 400 lbs per inch
Shock absorbers GAZ adjustable front and rear
Sway bar stock 3/4" with poly bushes
Rear suspension type adjustable coil-over quad shocks
Front wheel alignment 3/32" toe-in
Camber front 0.00º ± 0.25º positive
Camber rear 1.25º ± 0.25º negative
Castor 4.75º ± 0.25º
Minimum clearance 3" lowest exhaust point
Fuel tank custom aluminum mounted in spare tire hold
Fuel pump Aeromotive Stealth 340 in-tank mount
Pump filter integrated in-tank sock style
Fuel level sender 240 (empty) to 33 (full) ohms
External filter Aeromotive 12308 canister style
Filter element Aeromotive 12608 paper 10 micron
Pressure regulator Aeromotive 13109 EFI bypass
Pressure gauge 0 to 100 PSI Aeromotive 15633 LS3 mount
Fuel line 3/8" (matches 3/8" NPT and -6AN fittings)
Accelerator pedal drive-by-wire electronic
Voltage operating 12 VDC
Battery orientation negative ground with cutoff switch
Battery brand and group Optima
Keyless ignition S2000 push button with illumination
Power modules Infinitybox Powercell and inMOTION
Remote control Infinitybox inLINK
Engine and transmission harness General Motors
Electronic shifter harness GSM
CAN bus (12v power) all major systems except HVAC (see detail below)
Infinitybox Mastercell daisy chain to 2 Powercells/inMotion
LS3 engine-transmission bulkhead interface
HXD BIM-02-01 interface with LS3 via data port
Gear shift PCS to transmission/engine via connector
Keypad shifter pad to PCS via harness
Left signal HDX arrow via IDIDIT column integration
Right signal HDX arrow via IDIDIT column integration
High beam HDX blue symbol via IDIDIT column integration
Hazard flasher HDX flashing arrows via IDIDIT column
Handbrake on/fluid low HDX red circle symbol
Backlight demist on HDX green circle symbol
Audio setup on [SET NEX] HDX message (EXTRA positive) toggle switch
Door open [DR OPEN] HDX message (EXTRA negative)
Air purification on [PURIFY] HDX message toggle switch
Secondary fan on [FAN ON] HDX message
MIL (check engine) HDX red engine symbol (via BIM CAN bus)
Gauge values various LED and message warnings
Service reminder [SERVICE DUE] HDX message in 500-mile increments
Dim disabled [DIM DISABLED] HDX message
LED front and rear markers BA9s amber front/red rear
LED license plate light festoon (bumper mounted)
LED boot light mercury tilt switch activated
LED front & rear turn signals BA15s
LED reverse light festoon 42mm
LED rear brake & tail light BAY15D dual function
LED interior center console end light Grote G6261 chrome
LED interior under seat OPT7 Aura programmable strips
Headlamps high and low beam Hella H1 and H4
Fog lights exterior mount type
Engine oil total capacity 6.0 quarts
Holley oil pan capacity 5.5 quarts
Oil filter capacity 0.5 quarts
Engine oil filter AC Delco PF-48E
Coolant engine capacity 11.2 quarts
Coolant total capacity ~12 qts radiator and surge tank
Transmission oil 9.5 qts (6 qts 4L65e plus 3.5 qts 11" torque converter)
Differential oil 3.25 pts
Petrol tank type custom aluminum
Fuel capacity 22 gal
Fuel type premium
DIMENSIONS and CHARACTERISTICS (inches unless noted)
Length overall 189.50
Width overall 69.75
Height overall 56.88
Wheelbase 108.88
Front track 58.00
Rear track 58.33
Ground clearance 5" front jack point
Turning circle between walls 40 ft
Turning circle between curbs 36 ft
Drag (Cd estimated by a-c) 0.46 coefficient
Frontal area (A estimated by a-c) 3302 sq in
Drag area (CdA estimated by a-c) 1516 sq in
Trunk capacity (before modification) 17 cu ft
Body color Porsche Lapis Blue
Paint application clear coat body – single stage truck/engine bay
Front tire pressure see WHEELS AND TIRES
Rear tire pressure see WHEELS AND TIRES
Oil pressure minimum hot 24 PSI @ 1000 RPM
Fuel pump pressure range 58 PSI
Curb weight reduced 145 lbs to 3560 lbs due to LS3
Type integrated heating and cooling HVAC
Brand and model Vintage Air Gen II ComPac
Climate control Dakota Digital DCC 2300
Vents dash center and sides – top defrost – bottom heat
Fresh air vents 3D printed louvers in foot box housings
Air purification Philips GPC20GXP1 fan-powered filtration
Refrigerant type R134a
Refrigerant capacity 1.8 lbs
Head unit Pioneer AVH-3400NEX 1-DIN receiver
Video display 7" WVGA flip-up with adjustable tilt angle
Smart phone integration 3D printed custom USB port to Pioneer head unit
Antenna trunk area left side (hidden)
Front speakers and tweeters Pioneer TS-A1306C 5.25"
Rear speakers Pioneer TS-A1376R 5.25"
Subwoofer (trunk location) Pioneer TS-WX130DA
Subwoofer control (center console) 3d printed custom housing
Microphone integrated with Pioneer AVH-3400NEX
Voice commands via iPhone with Siri application
Navigation via iPhone
Backup camera Pioneer ND-BC8
Communications calls-message-voice commands via iPhone
Setup toggle switch replaces parking brake 12v+ interlock
USB port Tesla dual outlets with voltmeter
Interior lighting control center console programmable
Power door locks Infinitybox inMOTION CAN bux
Power windows Infinitybox inMOTION CAN bus
Power truck lock opener Infinitybox Powercell CAN bus
Tread plates stainless steel door sills with etched logo
Wiper Lucas 75721B (16w) Series 1
Wiper blade parking left side (LHD)
Instrumentation Dakota Digital HDX-2018 combo
Climate control Dakota Digital DCC 2300
Washer 22mm LED push button momentary switch
Wiper (high and low speeds) 22mm LED push button rotary switch
Headlights/fog lights 22mm LED rotary switch
External lights 22mm LED push button
Internal lights 22mm LED push button
Backlight demist 22mm LED push button
Turn signals steering column lever
Headlight flasher & high beam steering column lever button
Hazard flasher steering column lever
Horn steering wheel center push switch
Air purification toggle switch driver console
Power-to-weight ratio 8.3 (versus 7.3 Corvette)
Efficiency 18 city/29 highway (estimated)
Maximum range 600 miles (estimated highway)
Acceleration 💡
Maximum speed (sustained) 150 MPH (estimated)
Type aluminum alloy 15×6"
Brand Kent reproduction
Tire size 215/70 R15
Brand Vredestein Sprint Classic (summer use only)
Tire air pressure front 30 psi
Tire air pressure rear 32 psi
Lug nut torque 75 ft-lbs
Speed rating 168 MPH
Upholstery kit John Skinner Manufacturing (UK)
Color New Tan with beige headliner/black boot
Insulation CLD – MLV – CCF – heat barrier
Window sweeps & channels flocked rubber
Fixed windows Everseal 3/16" glass seal with flocked channel
Materials leather – vinyl – wool carpet – moquette
Seat belts dark blue lift latch style
Underdash custom black vinyl covered aluminum
VIN number IL65224
VIN plate custom facsimile on driver side engine bay
VIN plate original passenger B/C column base
Differential type ID tag attached to casing bolt
Keys fuel caps – doors – trunk
Spare key driver side of front engine bay
Security keyless entry push button start with power shutoff
Open door warning lights and/or ignition on
Keyless entry integrated with Infinitybox inLINK
Hood release lever moved to left (driver) side
Fuel covers right fill tube; left battery cutoff switch
Anti-sway bar heavy duty 1" diameter
Heat shield reflective aluminum foil
Hood vent closed off from cabin for HVAC fitment
Firewall fans removed; harness pass-through driver side
Rear inboard brakes remote bleeder system
License plate lens customized with "Kriss Motors" engraving
ECU foot guard passenger side enclosure
Jaguar tool kit tool roll tie-down on boot left side
Fire extinguisher boot mounted against wall
Jaguar Owners Manual custom printed version