Before assembly can begin in earnest, we elected to paint the engine bay and trunk space in the final body color: Porsche Lapis Blue Metallic (code 3A9) introduced in the 2001 model year.

First the entire chassis was primed except for the wheel wells and undercarriage which will be treated with 3M rubberized undercoating. Then single stage (that is, no clear coat) Lapis Blue was “flashed” on the not-quite-dry primer to help bond it to the engine bay, trunk, front vent, and fuel ports. Any scratches during assembly can be quickly patched with single stage paint unlike the 2-stage process that uses a clear coat finish.

Note that the color varies depending on lighting conditions.

Porsche Lapis Blue engine bay

Engine bay front view

Chassis front with suspension installed

Truck area

Rear window shelf

Front vent

Fuel port

The XJ6 originally had asbestos lining (or a similar material) to prevent exhaust pipe heat from penetrating through the rear seat bottom or the dual gas tank mounting wall (housed in the rear wings). Technology now makes it possible to install very thin reflective insulation that is both lighter and a more effective heat shield. We lined all the areas previously covered by the asbestos and also provided protection for the spare tire well that now will contain the aluminum fuel tank.

Aluminum foil facing heat insulation in the rear suspension area