See also post about bonnet fitment.

Hood release lever moved to driver side

As one might expect from a car developed in left-side-driving England, the XJ6 hood release lever must be activated from the passenger side. Obviously, in a RHD version, the lever is in the “right” place next to the driver.

Jaguar actually planned ahead for left and right hand versions because the chassis has the ability to mount the lever on either side. But for reasons that are now obscured by the fog of old decisions, the U.S. version of the XJ6 failed to accommodate drivers with a simple swap of the lever.

Since we’re completely redoing the dash and interior anyway, this presents the opportunity to do something about this oversight. Swapping sides requires no more than moving the handle over, switching cables and mounts, and bending little chassis tabs to make it all fit and work properly.

Left “short” cable exits the firewall and goes past the brake servo

Right “long” cable attaches near the wiper motor

Hood release lever under left dash panel