The XJ6 has a curious rain and air extractor system tucked under the rear backlight shelf. The purpose is twofold: 1) enable stale air to exit the cabin while preventing the intake of exhaust fumes, and 2) flush any water that flows down the rear window into the catch channel away from the boot to the ground.

When all parts are in good working order, everything is fine. However, the four vent doors use a fabric hinge that, when eroded away, either leave the vent open so exhaust fumes flow in, or vibrate back and forth creating a distinctive “cowbell” chime sound.

Refurbished vent doors with fabric hinge

We used a rubberized foam fabric plus a rear foam “bumper” on the small rectangular vent doors to return them to their proper function. Rivets attach the doors to the extractor tray.

After cleaning, painting, and new foam seals, the extractor tray is as good as new.

Restored extractor tray with vent door hinges and foam insulation

The rear end of the extractor tray hugs the top of the boot seal channel and this provides an opportunity to modify the boot itself. Recall that the fuel tank now sits in the former spare tire hold and that the battery has been moved to the back boot shelf.

The extractor tray end is perfect for mounting a back boot panel that rests on a new floor raised up above the fuel tank. This panel conveniently hides the battery, wiring, and other components.

Remodeled boot space with back panel against extractor tray end

Note the fuel intake hose on the right and extraction tray drain tubing on both sides. The boot now has a new functional space that covers and protects the fuel tank, too.

Left detail with drain hose and cutoff switch

Right side detail with fuel hose cover

Boot back cover with LED light

The final modification of the extractor system involves the backlight shelf vent opening that is shaped like a square hat. Basically, it’s just downright ugly. Kind of an design afterthought, functional but totally uninspired. Instead we will substitute a black plastic vent scoop that fits perfectly on the shelf.

Air extraction vent with single opening on backlight shelf

Scoop vent greatly improves the rear shelf appearance