Our updated air conditioning system will use the R-134a refrigerant instead of the older R-12 that was in the original 1972 version. R-134a will itself be phased out in the next decade or so, but until then, it’s the best choice for aftermarket restomod projects.

The basic layout is similar to older systems with a compressor, condenser, and evaporator linked together with various hose sizes.

The technology of refrigerant hose fittings continually evolves. One easy-to-install product line is EZ Clip manufactured by Eaton. It does require special crimping pliers but otherwise can be handled comfortably on the work bench.

Vintage Air brands the Eaton products and assigns them new part numbers. They offer a “universal” kit — guaranteed to fit nothing in the Universe — for $360, but it doesn’t contain the right fittings for our application.

We elected to go back to the source — that is, Eaton part numbers — and look for a master distributor that could provide a broader range of fittings and also beat or at least match Vintage Air’s complete kit pricing.

Fortunately, Hose Warehouse carries a complete Eaton EZ Clip line with very competitive distributor pricing. Here’s what we need.

The total price is in line with Vintage Air’s complete kit and this time we get exactly what we need. Note that four items (lines 23-24 and 26-27) are not Eaton products and will be obtained directly from Vintage Air.

The green highlight cells show the clip/cage individual prices … strangely they are less expensive than buying the kits (lines 7-8, 11-12, and 15-16)!