The original Jaguar dash top has two large cutouts for plastic defrost vents and an indented center section that hides two top fixing screws with a mesh plastic cover.

Original black vinyl padded dash top

New defrost vent is much smaller

New vent plate and center cutout

Vent body bolted to plate

The plastic inserts are badly dated and damaged. Access to the top fixing screws is still essential, and a removable center section would be helpful for servicing the HDX control unit (although the entire dash top could be removed if necessary).

Our Vintage Air system provides a modern slim profile defrost vent that is a fraction of the size of the original opening. Retaining access through these cutouts makes the A/C vent hookup much easier. It is probably possible to screw down the vent bodies from the dash top, but getting them to line up probably presents a big challenge (especially with the clutter of wiring, plumbing, and instruments).

Our solution is top open up the center cutout so access to the HDX is possible; the LED readout can be viewed through the windshield. Sheet metal cover plates when painted black to match the vinyl won’t be a distraction.

New vent cover plates have a slit cutout for the Vintage Air vent body. All the plates can be screwed in after the padded dash is in position which will greatly facilitate proper alignment of the vent tubing.

New vent cover

Metal dash covers will be black