Graduation photos

Post-graduate update

In August 2017, we drove the Mk2 to the Annual JCNA Concours d’Elegance (New England chapter) held at Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We entered Class 8 (Champion category that has strict period-correct rules) and suffered deductions for 1) leaving the radiator in its natural brass finish, 2) modern hose clamps, 3) installing a digital entertainment unit with backup camera, and 4) using hydrographic metal printing on the toggle switch facia instead of black rexine.

Not to get bogged down in a political discussion about JNCA contest policies, but the club’s proliferation of competition classes has turned these events in something that befits Lake Wobegone where everyone is above average. Yes, we won first place because our Mk2 was the only entry in Class 8. But the event was a lovely excuse to take a road trip on a summer day.

Our Mk2 competing (and winning) in Class 8 at the 2017 JCNA Concours d”Elegance


Graduation photos

A brisk fall day proved well suited for a series of iPhone graduation photos on October 24, 2016.