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Jaguar Service Manual

Organized in the manner of the Jaguar Service Manual.

Graduation photos — October 24, 2016
Project completion — September 30, 1016
Exterior front end finished — July 30, 2016
First road test — October 22, 2015
First engine start — October 1, 2015
On the road to the blaster — August 25, 2014
Restoration phase begins — August 21, 2014
After a month of disassembly — July 26, 2014
First disassembly step — June 26, 2014
Project Gantt chart
12v accessory options
Automotive eras
British wire color codes
CAD in the cloud
Debugging (punch list)
DIY electroplating
Driving the Jaguar Mk2 in 1963
Exploded part plates
Finding parts: SNG Barratt
Hog rings
Hose and clamp specifications
Ian Callum Jaguar Mk2 redux
Inspector Morse Jaguar (1961 Mk2 2.4)
Jaguar books
Jaguar fasteners
Jaguar factory tour, 1961
Jaguar handbook revisited
Jaguar iconology
Jaguar Mk2 1959 brochure
Jaguar Mk2 3D model
Jaguar Mk2 fleet survival
Jaguar Mk2 restoration in business perspective
Jaguar service bulletins
Jaguar terminology database
John Skinner Mfg UK backstory
Joseph Lucas (electrical parts) & Smiths gauges
Lucas battery
Light bulbs (including LEDs)
Maintenance log
Media blasting
Mk2 from a Jaguar perspective
Numbers: chassis, engine, body, gearbox
Paint chemistry
Parts list
Petrol, octane, ethanol, and related issues
Production order changes
Restoration cost
Restoration philosophy
Routine maintenance summary
Seat belts and safety
Shapeways 3D printing
Solex backgrounder
Specifications — modified Mk2 with 2.4 engine
Spire (speed) nuts
Test drive checklist
Top dead center
Torque tightening specifications
Where our readers come from
Air cleaner
Aluminum flywheel fitment
Aluminum polishing: camshaft covers, air cleaner
Breather cover, inlet manifold aluminum restoration
Breather pipe and hose
Crankshaft cover plate: making gaskets
Crankshaft damper
Crankshaft damper assembly (Metalastik)
Crankshaft damper machining
Crankshaft front seal
Crankshaft pulley replacement
Crankshaft rear seal
Cylinder head painting
Distributor installation (electronic 123/JAG-6)
Engine block cradle
Engine block cradle design
Engine block refresh and upgrade
Engine deconstruction: starter, clutch, flywheel
Engine detailing
Engine fine tuning
Engine first start with video
Engine first start troubleshooting
Engine fixings

Includes heater hose, starter cable, mid-engine stabilizer, rev gen, flexible clutch hose, accelerator linkage, oil pressure gauge connection, brake servo vacuum line, speedometer cable, alternator, exhaust manifolds, air cleaner, coil-to-fuse wiring, intake manifold, fuel filter and fuel line connection, intake water jacket to water pump hose, gearbox tunnel cover, cylinder head oil pipe

Engine front mount
Engine front mount pads (upgraded)
Engine block mounts
Engine-gearbox mating
Engine/gearbox rear mount
Engine ground strap
Engine install
Engine stabilizer (mid-engine mount)
Fan fitment
Fan trimming
Flywheel and clutch installation
Gearbox selector ring
Inlet manifold removal, thermostat, water temperature sensor
Inlet manifold reassembly
Oil dip stick
Oil filter — leak
Oil filter — leak remedy
Oil filter upgrade
Oil filter reassembly
Oil pan removal
Oil pan restoration (1): POR 15 system
Oil pan restoration (2): sump cover, gasket, pointer
Oil pipe cylinder head to sump
Oil sump hose
Spark plugs
Starter motor, clutch, and flywheel
Starter motor install
Starter motor test
Water pump removal
Water pump reassembly
Water pump reassembly fitment issue

Air cleaner
Carburetors and air intake
Fuel filter
Fuel system boot connections
Hard line connections under chassis from petrol tank
Manual choke control and switch
Petrol tank and fuel level sender
Petrol tank installation
Solex backgrounder
Solex carburetor rebuild
STA-BILL fuel stabilizer
Fan balance and radiator install
Radiator detailing
Radiator fan adjustments
Bleeding hydraulic lines
Clutch and flywheel installation
Clutch cover conflict with bell housing
Clutch slave cylinder hard line
Clutch slave cylinder spring return
Master cylinder pedal assembly
Clutch slave cylinder operating rod, connecting pipe
Hard line connection from master cylinder
Pedal pads
Gearbox and overdrive assessment
Gearbox and overdrive external restoration
Gearbox removal from engine block
Overdrive oil drain plug tool
Propeller shaft installation
Differential identification
Rear axle/differential paint, rear seals
Rear axle installation
Rear axle thread repair
Bakelite crack repair
Bakelite steering wheel
Burman F3 steering box
Burman steering box oil leak
Burman steering box re-mount
End assembly and tie rods
Lower steering column installation
Steering column fitment
Steering column indicators
Steering column pigtails
Steering column squeak
Steering column squeak redux
Steering column switches
Steering wheel and horn button
Alignment (precision measurements)
Alignment (preliminary)
Anti-roll bar bushes
Anti-roll bar comparison
Anti-roll bar installation
Coil height and dampers
Front springs
Front suspension comparison: original versus restoration
Front suspension installation
Front suspension restoration, part 1
Front suspension restoration, part 2
Front suspension restoration, part 3
Lower wishbone
Slotted nuts fitment problem
Tire rubbing
Upper wishbone
Alignment (preliminary)
Control arm bushing removal
Control arm new bushings, paint
Leaf springs, poly bushes
Panhard rod with new bushings
Rear suspension installation
Bleeding hydraulic lines
Brake caliper – front
Brake caliper – rear
Brake fluid reservoir leaking
Brake lines – rear axle
Brake servo and reservac
Front brake rotors and hubs
Handbrake cable and end fitting
Handbrake cable support
Handbrake compensator assembly
Handbrake lever
Hard line connections from master cylinder and brake booster
Master cylinder pedal assembly, part 1
Master cylinder pedal assembly, part 2
Pedal pads
Rear brake rotors and hubs
Wire wheels
Body shell assessment – post-blasting, damaged wing edge cutout
Body shell blasting
Body shell reference photos – end of disassembly phase
Body work, part 1
Body work, part 2
Body work, part 3
Body work, part 4
Body work, part 5
Bonnet cable (connects to catch)
Bonnet catch
Bonnet hinges
Bonnet latch/catch, boot lock
Boot seal
Bumper and spat assembly
Bumper mount modification for rear installation
Door check arms
Door, hood, bonnet mounting
Door insulation
Door lock mechanism fix
Door moisture barrier
Door seals
Door window fitment, front
Door window frame and glass installation
Front grille and bumper
Front grille mount
Glass (windscreen and backlight) installation
Glass (windscreen and backlight) preparation
Identification tags
Paint: exterior
Paint: interior
Painter for finish coat
Paint milestone completion
Preparation for finish clearcoat paint
Primer coat
Rear bumper
Rear bumper mount modification
Rear door ventilator seal
Roof vibration dampening
Rocker panel end plug
Shut face panel door fillers
Undercarriage painting with POR 15
Urethane single stage and clearcoat paint
Window channel felt (door frame)
Window sweeps
Carpet installation
Dipper switch finish treatment
Insulation (vibration, heat, sound)
Rear seat insulation
Rocker panel finish
Roof vibration dampening
Tack strip installation
Backlight shelf
Backlight shelf piping
B/C post interior trim
Boot details

Center console with shifter and ashtray
  – Ashtray on center console
  – Ashtray fitment
  – Ashtray restoration
  – Assembly of console components
  – Panel top trim of center console
  – Side trim panels

Cubby box fitment
Dash panel covering (Rexine replacement)

Door panels and facia
  – Door facia detail
  – Door handle position and locking
  – Door panel armrests and pockets
  – Front door panel
  – Front door facia preparation
  – Rear door panel and facia
  – Rear door lock mechanism fix

Front seat (bucket style)
  – Assembly of seat components (complete restoration)
  – Back guard of front seat
  – Bottom cushion test fitting
  – Bottom cushion, 2nd attempt
  – Bottom cushion, 3rd attempt
  – Burlap on bottom spring cushion
  – Burlap on back cushion spring
  – Cushion autopsy
  – Diamond plate foot rest (front seat)
  – Deconstruction detail of front seat
  – Fold-down tray
  – Fold-down tray backing panel
  – Fold-down tray wood veneer inserts
  – Fold-down tray restoration
  – Frame assembly detail

Furflex (draught excluder) edging
Headliner cants
Headliner, part 1
Headliner, part 2
Headliner, part 3
Hog rings
Interior color scheme
Interior kit planning
Interior kit vendor comparison
Interior kit vendor selection
Kick panel installation
Kick panel templates
Leather hides
Luggage compartment casings
Rear door ashtray

Rear seat (bench style)
  – Armrest (pull-down) autopsy
  – Armrest fabrication, part 1
  – Armrest fabrication, part 2
  – Deconstruction of rear seat
  – Lower bulkhead treatment
  – Seat bottom upholstery
  – Seat frames
  – Seat insulation
  – Seat installation
  – Squab upholstery

Seat cover fabrication
Side trim panel piping
Sun visors
Top casings (under-dash panels)
Upholstery clips
Upholstery kit shipment #1
Upholstery kit shipment #2
Upholstery kit shipment #3
Upholstery manufacturing

A-post triangle filler
B/C post interior trim
Bonnet center chrome bead
Bonnet trim and catch
Boot details
Center dash panel label strip
Center dash label strip fabrication
Center dash label strip installation
Chrome moulding installation
Chrome trim assessment
Cubby box fitment
Cubby facia assembly
Dash milestone
Dipper switch finish treatment
D-post filler panels
Door facia detail
Door facia preparation
Door facia wood supports
Exterior door handles
Facia bracing block repair
Flush finish washers (wood door caps and windscreen)
Gearbox cover modification (fiberglass)
Gearbox selector ring and grommet
Grille mount
Instrument facia board deconstruction
Jaguar hood mascot
Lucas wing mirrors
Mirror finish for wood
Murkett name badge
Newspaper tray flocking
Newspaper tray installation
Rear bumper finish seal
Rear door ventilator seal
Seat runners
Sun visors
Test drive readiness — front seats and console
Tread plate treatment
Veneer painting
Wood repair
Wood stripping and refinishing
Wood treatment diary
Exhaust manifolds: ceramic coating
Exhaust system installation
Exhaust system planning

Heater CAD files (for 3D printing and fabrication, courtesy of Bruce Murray)
Vane #1 – Solidworks file
Vane #2 – Solidworks file
Vane #3 – Solidworks file
Heater motor plate – PDF mechanical drawing

Air distributor box
Air distributor box redux
Heater engine hose connections
Heater lever label modification
Heater upgrade, part 1
Heater upgrade, part 2
Heater upgrade, part 3
Heater upgrade, part 4
Heater upgrade, part 5
Heater upgrade, part 6
Heater upgrade, part 7
No draught ventilator deconstruction (window)
No draught ventilator restoration, front
No draught ventilator restoration, rear
Scuttle ventilator installation
Ventilator glass seal
Water valve, Shapeways 3D printing of valve mount
Window channel felt
Wood trim screw fitment

Wiper motor and switch (Lucas)
Wiper system, part 1
Wiper system, part 2

Complete Wiring Diagrams (PDF format, updated 05/02/16)
Master schematics
Harness layout
Center gauge panel
Barrier block details
Circuits, pigtails, and other details

Alternator main feed routing
Alternator wiring
Battery disconnect switch
Battery ground strap
Battery – Lucas antique replica
Battery – Lucas antique replica installation
Battery – Lucas antique replica maintenance
Brake light switch (electromechanical)
Center dash panel planning
Center dash panel wiring, part 1
Center panel wiring, part 2
Checking continuity
Classic Technologies (CT) fuse panel installation
Cubby light and switch
Dipper switch
Distributor replacement options
Distributor TDC orientation
Electroluminescent dash and gauge lighting
Electronic distributor installation (123/JAG-6)
Engine bay wiring
Flasher switch fault diagnosis
Fog light wiring
Front harness installation
Front lights & horn harness
Front marker lights
Fuse box cover knobs
Fuse panel planning
Fuse panel wiring (Classic Technologies unit)
Halogen headlights
Harness design
Harness sleeving
Horn switch closeup
Light bulbs
Lucas reverse/overdrive switch autopsy
Map light modification
Multi-pin connectors
Panel light switch re-purposing
Physical wiring, barrier terminal blocks
Physical wiring, rocker panels and boot
Rear quarters interior lamp
Smiths voltmeter
Solenoid and shelf mount
Spark plug wire loom
Steering column indicators
Steering column pigtails
Steering column switches
Trunk lid lights and tilt switch
Trunk lid light modification for LED bulbs
USB port
Vehicle wiring schematic
Wiper motor and switch (Lucas)
Wire holds on the B/C post
Wire labels

Alpine DIN unit installation
Alpine DIN unit microphone holder
Alpine DIN unit stereo speaker mount
Alpine iXL-700 manual (PDF format)
Cad plating (batch #1)
Double DIN head units (radio replacement)
Lock nuts (nylock)
Lucas Screenjet washer
Seat belt anchors
Seat belts and safety
Seat belt installation
Seat belt re-webbing
Seat belt webbing colors
Radio antenna
Radio panel modification, part 1
Radio panel modification, part 2
Radio panel modification, part 3
Radio panel test fitting
Radio upgraded to multimedia unit
Shapeways 3D printing, heater valve mount
USB port on newspaper tray
Wheel jack mount in boot
Wheel hub spinner tool
Wheel hub spinner tool enhancement
Wheel hub spinner tool sleeves
Electroluminescent gauge lighting test
Gauge modification and cleaning
Joseph Lucas (electrical parts) & Smiths gauges
Oil pressure sensor (electroplating)
Smiths small gauges
Smiths voltmeter

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