Disconnect the battery. After the rear seats are removed, detach the rear interior trim pieces starting with the side hold straps (if installed).

Major rear trim pieces

1. Hold straps
Pry off the strap cover with a screwdriver and pull the cover down over the strap to expose two mounting screws. Also detach the seat belt relay from the height adjuster channel by prying off its cover and removing the bolt. When re-attaching the seat belt, torque the relay bolt to 30 ft-lb. RETAIN STRAPS.

2. Rear side panel
Carefully pull off the inner door seal that is along the edge of the rear side panel and lower B pillar. The side panel is affixed by three clips placed horizontally along the side window flange, a clip at the top of the B pillar, four clips along the sides (two on the left and two on the right), and a clip near the edge of the door opening.

First pull the panel out from the edges to detach the B pillar and side clips. Then lift the panel up from the bottom to detach the door opening clip and clear the window flange clips.

RETAIN SIDE PANEL. This trim piece will be modified later and re-installed. Check all the clips for damage.

B pillar trim cover reverse

3. B pillar cover
Carefully pull the inner door seal away from the B pillar trim. Starting at side opposite door opening, pry trim cover away from its three holding clips. When sides are free, gently pull the cover forward to detach the center top clip. RETAIN B PILLAR COVER.

Rear center seat belt latch

4. Rear seat belts
The two rear center seat belt latches are secured with a single bolt. RETAIN BOLTS for the flying buttress assembly.

Pry off the relay guide cover and remove the two belt guides near both sides of the hatchback window. Remove belt inertia reel, and then unfasten the lower belt anchorage.

5. C pillar cover
Remove the rear seat belts. Open the rear hatch lid and pull off the center rear trim from the top roof frame to expose the C pillar trim mounting screws on the left and right. Unfasten the C pillar screw, and then pull off the C pillar cover starting from the top. The cover is affixed with five clips.

6. Lock carrier cover
Pull off the rear compartment lip seal along the hatchback lid edge. Remove the four spreader clips along the bottom edge. The lock carrier cover is affixed by four spring clips on the left and right sides, and by four other body clips. Manipulate the cover to detach it.

7. Rear compartment trim
After removing the lock carrier cover, remove the two top screws on the compartment trim. Pry off the oval air grille and remove two additional screws. The cover is affixed by one clip located in the top center; pull the trim piece back to detach it.

8. Rear lid lower trim

Rear lid lower trim

Open the rear lid. Loosen the two screws located inside the lid grip indents.

Pull the trim away from the lid to dislodge the mounting clips and lift trim off the locating stud.

Pull off the lid gasket surround.

If not done previously, remove all the small luggage area carpet and filler pieces.

Label and save all the panels and other bits. Some parts will be reused/modified while the balance may have some resale market value.