With the rear interior trim out of the car, continue to remove the headliner and prepare the rear hatch lid for removal.

1. Headliner
Remove the plastic caps on the interior side grab handles to reveal two screws; remove them.

If your model has a front roof storage bin above the windshield away, pull it away from its housing and remove two screws that hold up the headliner. If your model has a temperature-clock assembly, this pulls away from the headliner in a similar manner.

Visors are held in place with one screw hidden by a plug. Next, pop off the cap (this can be difficult) on the the visor support and remove two screws that hold it in place.

Pry the rear view mirror cover down that surrounds it. Carefully pry the rear view mirror straight down; it is a spring-loaded mount without screws.

Open the sunroof if your model has one and pry off the headliner leading edge to free it. Gently free the headliner from the end tabs and side moldings.

At this point, the headliner will be loosely held in place by a few harness clips and foam spacers. Pull the harness away from the headliner back and let it rest gently on the front seats. Disconnect the wiring harness clips from the rear interior lights and visor lights if your model has them. Work free any remaining harness attachments. The headliner fits through either door opening. RETAIN ALL PARTS.

2. Third brake light

Third brake light

The third brake light embedded in the hatch lid can be optionally reused with the OE harness (no modification except for wire length adaption). Lift up the hatch lid and remove the three screws that fasten to a black plastic bracket. Pry the light out from its embedded mount.

Third brake light relocation mockup

The hatch lid brake light has a gentle upwards curve to match the profile of the rear body. If the light is flipped 180 degrees, the resulting downwards curve very closely matches the profile of the fiberglass wall with the rear window. With some additional surgery, this part can be relocated above the rear window but just below the sunroof extension. RETAIN THIRD BRAKE LIGHT.

3. Rear window heat (defog) connection

Window defog harness plug

Pull out of the harness connector plugs half way up the underside of the rear window left and right sides. The right side is the positive lead, and the left side is the ground wire.

Snip off the plug connector and pull the wire lead out from the metal hatch lid frame. Label the wire leads.

4. Spoiler harness

Spoiler harness and controller assembly on hatch lid

Locate the spoiler assembly on the underside of the hatch lid (if your model has a spoiler). Pull off the large pin connector.

Pin 10 yellow/green wire

Disconnect the smaller black and tan pin connectors (this allows the harness to pass through the hatch lid openings.

Inspect the large pin connector and identify PIN 10; it should have a yellow/green lead. Remove enough harness wrap to locate this yellow/green wire and label it.

When this wire is grounded, it automatically shuts off the instrument panel spoiler icon (otherwise, the spoiler warning will remain illuminated).

Carefully snip off the rubber wire loom between the roof and hatch openings since it is difficult to pull the harness through the roof opening with it still in place. Snake the harness out of the hatch lid frame and pull it through the roof opening so that it hangs down inside the passenger cabin.

5. Hatch lock harness

Hatch lock harness – label wires on top connector

Locate the hatch lock assembly on the underside of the hatch lid.

The top connector has three wires: blue/tan, tan, and black/tan. When the tan-blue/tan wires are connected, the rear hatch light circuit is activated. When the tan-black/tan wires are connected, the hatch open warning on the instrument cluster is illuminated. Label these wires.

The bottom connector has two wires that power the locking mechanism. The red/blue wire is the positive lead, and the brown wire is the negative ground. Label these wires.

To snake out hatch harness through roof snip off rubber loom

Remove both connectors and snake the harness out of the hatch lid frame and through the roof opening. Both the left and right lid harness extensions should now be hanging from the roof inside the car and away from the hatch opening.

6. Hatch lid

If the third brake light will be incorporated into the fiberglass rear cabin wall, cut a reference rectangle around the light mounting hole. RETAIN THIS MOUNT.

Using a triple-square socket, remove the hatch lid hinge and pull the support struts off of their ball stud attachments.

Surplus lid with spoiler and hatch lock removed

The hatch lid is now scrap although the spoiler assembly (if there is one) and the hatch lock mechanism can be harvested and resold.

7. Hatch weatherstrip

Pull off the hatch lid rubber weatherstrip attached to the body surround.

8. Roof antenna

Antenna fixing nut; note moisture leak

With the headliner out of the way, remove the the antenna nut on the inside of the roof. Detach the short cable and pull the antenna out of the roof.

The sunroof drains and antenna base are vulnerable to moisture leaks and typically cause discoloring of insulation and the headliner. RETAIN ANTENNA if the OE radio system will be used. See also radio upgrade options.