Example of Smyth Performance Ute kit

The Smyth New Beetle Ute kit provides a cargo bed and rear body solution for New Beetle Ute transformations. Kit flexibility enables various customizations, such as rear lighting, interior treatment, and lift suspension modifications.

The Smyth kit creates a truck bed that measures approximately 60 x 39″.

Kit contents

(Subject to change, as of May 2020)

bumper roll pan cover with license indentation1
quarter panel, left and right2
tailgate skin1
rear window cab surround1
ALUMINUM SHEET COMPONENTS [approximate dimensions in inches]QTY
extruded aluminum bed floor [60.5 x 12.5]3
bedside 0.125, left and right [63 x 20]2
front wall with Smyth cutout logo 0.125 [59 x 25]1
front tray with fuel pump access hole 0.1251
rear tray 0.1251
front tray to floor support 0.1251
B-pillar gusset plates 0.125, left and right2
tailgate inner wall 0.125 [39 x 19]1
tailgate outer framework 0.125 [39 x 19]1
lower bedside brace 0.125, left and right2
flying buttress bedside brace 0.125, left and right2
front wall to bedside T-brace 0.125, left and right2
wheel well to bedside brace 0.125, left and right2
floor bracket short 0.1254
floor bracket long with square punch 0.125 (spare tire removable)2
floor Y-bracket removable 0.125 (spare tire removable)1
front wall to cab surround spacer 0.1251
side floor slotted beam support 0.125, left and right2
tailgate top cap 0.100 [39 x 4]1
roll pan bottom bracket 0.100 [39 x7]1
rail top cap 0.100, left and right [57 x 4]2
C-channel support 35.375" length2
CAB FINISH [part or reference number]QTY
window clear glass, 1960-66 Chevy GMC 14x60" [38-6022]1
window rubber gasket [38-6941]1
window chrome and black lock inset [38-5899]1
black carpet 24x96"1
TAILGATE [part or reference number]QTY
tailgate latch [F582112]2
tailgate striker Ford [F37Z-99431B54-A]2
tailgate hinge Chevy/GMC 1999-06 [740002/3], kit1
tailgate support cable Ford [FO1918101]2
tailgate spring links2
Biothane webbing1
M8x20 bolt, washer, ring spacer (3), nyloc for support cable4
HARDWARE, PLASTIC SPACERS [part or reference number]QTY
rivet 3/16 aluminum flush [15327]60
bolt M8x20 stainless 18-8 button head [6656]62
bolt M8x25 stainless 18-8 socket flat head [6700]24
bolt M8x30 stainless 18-8 button head [6660]4
bolt M8x60 stainless 18-8 button head [11886]4
nut M8 metric hex lock [4797]100
bolt carriage 5/16-18 x 2" stainless 18-8 [940] (spare tire removable)1
wing nut 5/16-18 stainless 18-8 [2672] (spare tire removable)1
bolt 1/4-20 x 1/2 stainless 18-8 button head [4411]36
rivnut 1/4-2030
washer 7/16 stainless 18-8 [5564]2
washer 1/4 zinc grade 8 [3060]134
buttress spacer 0.75x3x2" plastic2
U-channel floor spacer plastic4
ELECTRICAL [part or reference number]QTY
LED stop/tail 2" round United Pacific [2-38171]2
LED license plate [14872]2
LED reverse/backup2
trailer tail light converter IIT [16690]1
electrical crimp connectors [981005]10

Fiberglass body

The Smyth Performance New Beetle Ute kit contains five separate fiberglass sections. The large left and right quarter panels with curvaceous fenders provide a distinctive profile. The cab surround holds the rear window, and the bottom roll pan and tailgate skin finish the Ute’s rear end.

Braces, gussets, spacers

B Pillar Gusset

B pillar gusset plates

Two B pillar gusset plates — left and right sides — bolt to existing holes in the Beetle B pillar to form a reinforced corner at the beginning of the truck bed. This plate sandwiches the truck bed front wall (with the Smyth cutout logo) to the Beetle steel frame.

Lower Bedside Brace

Lower bedside brace

The lower bedside brace provides added structural strength between the B pillar gusset plate and the Beetle steel wheel well infrastructure. This brace also helps support the fiberglass stepside fender design.

The curve in the brace fits the wheel well contour. The 90-degree tab abuts the B pillar gusset.

Flying Buttress Bedside Brace

Flying buttress bedside brace

The flying buttress brace fits against the top front outer edge of the bed wall and fastens to the top of the Beetle wheel well steel infrastructure. The brace re-purposes the rear seat belt attachment bolt by folding the belt mounting tab down until this bolt points straight up. The flying buttress short 90-degree tab then fastens to the bolt.

Front Wall to Bedside T-brace

Front wall to bedside T-brace

This “doubler” fits under the front bed walls with the curved side facing out. Its purpose is to reinforce the critical front corner of the truck bed.

Two 8mm flush mount bolts pass through the top rail of the truck bed corner to sandwich this brace so that its 90-degree tabs hug the front wall, forming a secure edge for the cab surround.

Wheel Well to Bedside Brace

Wheel well bedside brace

Wheel well brace position

This brace attaches to the top of the Beetle wheel well infrastructure and rests against the middle of the inside truck bed wall.

Spacers and floor brackets

Spacers and floor brackets

The floor C-channel supports are fixed to the Beetle chassis with four brackets on the foremost one and three on the one over the spare tire hold.

A carriage bolt and wing nut make the spare tire support removable on one end while the other end rests on the Y-bracket. A thin bumper on the Y-bracket prevents vibration rattles. The two thin spacers fit under the flying buttress brace, and the four thick ones hold the U-channel/floor bracket sandwich with positioning bolts.

Smyth Performance video


Rear window upgrade

The Smyth kit includes a standard 1960-66 large 14×60″ fixed clear glass window. If desired, the fixed window can be upgraded to a CR Laurence TSW1816 sliding window that opens 12-5/8″ x 7-1/4″ for $180.00.