Smyth Performance New Beetle Ute kit

The Smyth New Beetle Ute kit provides a cargo bed and rear body solution for New Beetle ute transformations. Kit flexibility enables various customizations, such as rear lighting, interior panels, and lift suspension modifications.

Kit contents

(Subject to change, as of February 2020)

roll pan cover with license indentation1
quarter panel, left and right2
tailgate skin1
rear window cab surround1
extruded aluminum bed floor, 60”3
bedside left 0.161
bedside right 0.161
front wall with Smyth cutout logo 0.161
front tray with fuel pump access hole1
rear tray1
front tray to floor support1
B-pillar gusset plates, left and right2
tailgate inner wall1
tailgate outer frame1
lower bedside brace2
flying buttress bedside brace (seatbelt mount)2
front wall to bedside T-brace2
wheel well to bedside brace2
floor bracket (C-channel support to floor)4
removable floor bracket4
front wall to aluminum spacer1
side floor support2
tailgate top cap1
roll pan bracket1
C-channel support2
buttress spacer (folded down seat belt)2
U-channel floor spacer4
rear window flat glass, 1965 chevy truck*1
rear glass gasket, chrome and black lock inset1
black carpet1
tailgate latch2
tailgate striker2
tailgate hinge kit, Chevy1
tailgate support kit1
tailgate spring link kit1
tailgate stretch strips for spring link2
tailgate M8 cable bolt2
bolts 1/4-20 (bed floor mounts), bag1
bolts M8x20 stainless steel button head, bag1
bolts M8x25 socket flat head, bag1
bolts M8x60 stainless steel button head, bag1
nyloc nuts M8, bag1
rivets 3/16” flush, bag1
rivets 3/16” standard, bag1
rivnuts 1/4-20 (bed floor mounts), bag1
rivnuts M8 non-spin6
washers 1/4”, bag1
washers 3/16” body, bag1
washers body spacer, bag1
washers M122

*fixed window can be upgraded to CR Laurence TSW1816 sliding window that opens 12-5/8″ x 7-1/4″, $180.00