The rear roll pan cover extends under the tailgate and contains an slanted indent for the license plate. The rectangular indent just accommodates a U.S. plate and there isn’t much room left for a surround frame. The Smyth Ute kit includes two LED license plate lights that, when fitted on the slanted overhang, shine down on the license. The kit also provides two small reverse light LEDs.

Reverse lights

Instead of the kit’s reverse LEDs, the original complex oval reverse lights can be re-purposed and embedded into the roll pan fiberglass shell.

Turbo S reverse light embedded in roll pan cover (rough fitment)

The 2002-04 Turbo S model’s rear spoiler makes this an even more distinctive choice since the reverse light bulbous fixtures can be cut out, reshaped, and placed on either end of the roll pan.

Reverse housing reshaped (before final sanding)

To reshape the Turbo S rear spoiler, first cut off the reverse light bulbous shape from the rest of the rear spoiler. Saw off as much of the plastic as possible to conform to the basic complex curve shape. Then carefully sand to a new cone-like mounting.

Make a template of the required cutout for the fiberglass shell using the rear of the reverse light fixture as a guide.

When position and shape is finalized, tape the reverse light housing to the roll pan and apply fiberglass resin and cloth on the back side.

Use fiberglass cloth and resin to secure the reverse light housing on the back of roll pan shell

After the fixture is firmly secured by the fiberglass resin, finish the front by blending the curved shape into the roll pan shell contour.

Rear camera

Crux bullet camera

Night light shield for camera housing

There isn’t quite enough room to install the typical universal license-plate-frame-mounted rear camera without looking “forced”. One alternative is a bullet style that requires only a 24mm cutout. Even this small hole doesn’t sit flat on the top surface of the roll pan cover, so a small housing needs to be fabricated.

We found that the plastic shield from a common night light can be cut down and deployed as a “scaffold” to create a housing that meets the camera’s requirements (24mm cutout and enough of an extension to surround the camera body). After making a “half” cutout with the provided hole saw, the plastic “scaffold” is glued on; epoxy putty fills a few gaps.

Test fit of Crux camera

Glued night light shield and epoxy putty

Crux housing before final shaping and finish

Backup camera position above license plate

Once the outside of the camera mount has been secured with resin, fill the cavity between the mount and the lip of the roller pan with resin for added strength.

License plate LEDs

It is possible to reuse the rectangular OEM plate lights by embedding them in the overhang above the license plate surface, but the Smyth Ute kit provides small LEDs that provide better illuminate and an easier install.

Trial fit of license plate LEDs

Mark the four holes on the license plate (top two for the bolt-style LEDs) and install 1/4-20 rivnuts in the two bottom holes for a simple no-frame mounting solution.