The first disassembly task in the Ute conversion is removal of the rear seats.

Hook on rear bottom cushion

Rear seat back holding bracket

Back seat side pin retainer

Lift up the rear seat cushion and pull it forward to expose two wire hooks on the right and left sides. The hook ends fit into cylindrical holds.

By manipulating the bottom cushion, the hooks can be detached from their holds, and the seat bottom can then simply be pulled out.

Next, push in the release in the middle of the top of the back seat so that it can be pulled down.

With the seat back in a flat horizontal position, locate the small zipper at the base of the upholstery. Behind the zipper are two hex bolts that that hold a bracket gripping a large cylinder. Pull out the bracket to free the back seat’s lateral movement.

On both ends of the seat back, push back the small grey plastic retainer with a screwdriver. Lift the seat back up so that the end pins move above the grey retainer.

It may be helpful to first remove some of the truck wall carpet pieces. When free of the end retainers, remove the rear seat through the hatch.

Rear seat removed along with truck finish pieces