If well maintained, the basic mechanical systems of a New Beetle should perform well for over 300,000 miles.

The required intensity of maintenance and/or repair will depend on the condition of the acquired vehicle (in our case a 2004 Turbo S model with 51,500 miles).

  • Level 1 routine service regardless of odometer reading
  • Level 2 engine overhaul for high mileage donors

Level 1 routine service

Routine service requires parts costing at least $200. If the odometer reads over 50,000, the front rotors and pads should be replaced since expected life is approximately 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Unless tires can be verified as less than seven years old, they should be replaced regardless of tread wear.

As part of the sales transaction, our seller agreed to:

  • replace the front brakes/pads
  • change the brake fluid
  • mount four new high performance tires
  • change the oil and filter
  • flush and change the coolant

LEVEL 1SpecificationAmountCost
2004 TURBO SItems in blue not covered by seller
engine oilVW 502 00 (API SL) 5W405 quarts$50
oil filter06A 115 561 B1$8
brake fluidDOT42 liters$20
coolantG132 gallons$30
washer fluidRain-X1 gallon$5
brake pads, front1J0 698 151 Kone kit$75
brake rotor, front6R0 615 301 A (25mm)one pair$100
tires, installedVredestein Quatrac Pro 225/45R17set of four$550
OPTIONAL(as needed)
transmission oil 75W90G 052 171 A2 (Turbo S)1 liter (fill as required)$13
power steering synthetic fluidPentosin CHF 11S2 liters$40
cabin fresh air filter1J0 819 6441$15
wiper blades, front set900211BKT2 blades, one set$23
MILEAGE OVER 75,000(does not apply yet to Turbo S due to lower mileage)
battery AGMOptima REDTOP1$235
brake pads, rear1J0 698 451 R one kit$60
brake rotor, rear1J0 615 601 Pone pair$50
front wheel bearings1J0 498 6252$78
tire pressure sensors *1K0 907 253 D4$140

* Note about tire pressure sensors
Spare tire storage in the Beetle Ute, while possible, is rather inconvenient since the cargo bed must be removed to access the wheel hold underneath. If the spare tire is eliminated, working tire pressure sensors become a more critical safety feature. Note that the Turbo S 17-inch wheel does not fit into the spare wheel hold, so a smaller 16-inch wheel is provided with a tire that closely matches the 17-inch diameter.

Level 2 high mileage donors

Turbocharger parts, specific to the 1.8L engine in the Turbo S model, are expensive and a complete restoration/replacement costs about $2,500. Extensive engine and/or transmission work may exceed the amount paid for the vehicle itself.

#DescriptionPart numberCost
1turbocharger06A 145 713 Fsee DKT kit
1aturbocharger, installation kit06A 145 713 DKT$835
2turbocharger bracket06A 145 536 B$39
3duct, air intakeTB1523RED$200
4valve, pressure (PVC) 19mm034 129 101 B$40
5waste gate frequency control valve06A 906 283 E$92
6pressure control line8L0 145 718 C$91
7boost pressure control line06A 145 712 C$73
8coolant pipe
9turbo oil feed line, braided06A 145 778 D$150
10turbo oil return line, braided06A 145 735 AA$160
11gasket, upper oil return line058 145 757 C$5
11gasket, lower oil return line058 145 757 A$4
12coolant line, braided06A 121 497
13intercooler (no longer available)1C0 145 803
14mounting bracket, upper1C0 145 808 A
15air duct1C0 121 467 J$36
16hose, intercooler pressure1C0 145 838 A$135
17hose connector1J0 145 834 A$20
18tube, charge air1C0 145 840 A$86
18avalve, cut-off06A 145 710 N
19pipe assembly, pressure outlet06A 145 790 C$140
20heat shield, outlet pipe (see 19)06A 145 867 Fincl #19
21heat shield, pressure pipe06A 145 867 E
22duct, air intake
23duct, air06A 145 893 E
24pipe, pressure (hard boost)06A 145 731 F$147
25hose, pressure06A 145 832 C$68
26mounting bracket, lower06A 145 756 A